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Boutique Quality Hair Care at Down to Earth Prices
Are you tired of the ever-increasing cost of getting your hair done? Are you tired of shuffling around from one salon to another, getting soaked by the high prices and substandard quality? Maybe it’s time to get back to the basics. What do I mean? Well, remember when there used to be neighborhood hair salons where the stylist knew you and you knew them? You know, those places where you could go and commiserate and catch up on all the latest happenings in the community?
Well, in Collegeville, PA, a hair salon like this still exists. Let me introduce you to Benner’s Hair Styling. We are a family owned and operated hair salon that has been in business since 1966. During our nearly half century cutting hair, we’ve seen many changes in our community. Many businesses have closed, and some others have opened. But through it all, our hair care center has been proudly serving Collegeville residents by providing them top quality hair styling-you know, the kind of quality you would expect at one of those upscale boutiques, at very affordable prices.
Our family hair care center is divided into two parts. Up front, Howard Benner runs his barber shop, where he’s been giving the best haircuts in town for nearly half a century. In back, Howard’s daughter and two other ladies run the salon. When you come in, they treat you with special care. They spend whatever amount of time it takes to get your hair done just right, exactly the way you want it. And while you’re in there, you’re able to bond with the stylists and other ladies that are getting their hair done.

Cutting Edge Service Offerings

At Benner’s hair salon, Collegeville PA residents don’t just come in for our personal care and affordable pricing, they also visit us time and again to receive the best quality products and the most up to date services. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons we’ve been able to stay in business all these years-because our services are a ‘cut above’ the rest. The hair care products we use have been tested extensively and proven to be among the best in the industry. In addition, we offer you services such as:

  • Custom Color Design
  • Highlights
  • Waxing
  • Much more…

So if you’re looking for a Collegeville PA hair salon that provides exceptional, boutique quality hair styling, affordable pricing, and a personal touch, stop over at Benner’s and give us a try. Once you come in and get to know us, you’ll feel right at home.