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Are you looking for a barber that gives you a good, quality haircut using only the best products at a price the whole family can afford? Look no further than Benner’s Hair Styling. For almost half a century, Howard Benner has been cutting hair in his neighborhood barber shop in Collegeville, PA. Barber shops and hair salons of all types have come and gone during the past five decades, but Benner Hair Styling continues to thrive.
So what’s the secret to our success? We’re an “old school” barber shop, like the ones that used to be commonplace in America’s towns and communities just a generation ago. We know this community and this community knows us. Many of our customers have been coming to see us since the first few years we were around. They know that when they walk in, Howard will know exactly what kind of haircut they want. He’s been doing it for them for years, and he’s got this thing down to a science.

Taking His Time to get it Right

If you’ve never had a chance to get your hair cut at Benner’s, there are a couple things you should know about Howard. First, he’s a great guy. He’s very friendly, down to earth, and a delight to talk to. Second, he’s a perfectionist. What does that mean to you? It means he’s not happy until you are. You see, Howard doesn’t run one of those ‘run of the mill’ chop shops where they herd you in and out of there like cattle, spending 10, maybe 15 minutes max actually cutting your hair. Howard takes his time (usually at least 20 minutes) with each customer to make sure your hair is cut exactly how you want it, just like the old fashioned barber shops of yesteryear.

A Neighborhood Barber Shop Providing Cutting Edge Hair Care

One of the other secrets to our long-term success at Benner’s Hair Styling is that we’ve adapted with the times. Though our friendly small town barber shop environment has not changed for half a century, our service offerings have. We use only top quality professional hair care products, and in addition to professional barbering, our shop and neighboring salon offer several other services, including:

  • Custom Color Design
  • Highlights
  • Waxing
  • Much more…

So if you’re in the area and you need a haircut, stop by see us. We’re located on Wartman Road just behind Perkiomen School. Stop on in and experience boutique quality hair care at down to earth prices!